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Rank Application: Nukra[Accepted]

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Rank Application: Nukra[Accepted]

Post by Imeri on Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:09 pm

Byond Key: Imeri

Character Name: Nukra

Race: Tuffle

Class: Technologist

Planet: Vegeta

Personality summary: Quiet, lone wolf bookmole, dedicated towards her research and experiments. Eager to make new connections (contacts) as long as they offer anything of interest in return.

History summary: As one of few survivors of Tuffle Sayian war on Planet Vegeta, Nukra hid and barricaded herself in one of still standing and functioning Laboratories, slowly scrapping and using anything she found, wasting no resources and putting them all to use. Dedicating all of her knowledge and will into creation of new inventions,  ones that would help her and the others, as well as allow her to protect herself against the sayians.

Rank applying for: Tuffle Head Sciencist

Character goals with rank: Invent new, world changing technologies, make life better and safer.

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