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Elohim - God of Creation & Judge of All[Accepted]

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Elohim - God of Creation & Judge of All[Accepted]

Post by Flame0900 on Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:10 pm

Byond Key:
Character Name:
Personality Summary:
Cold, distant, bitter, demanding, faithless, yet still righteous in every aspect of the word, these are but only a few of the personality traits of this creature. Elohim is the latest incarnation of God, and after decades of studying and training in both mind and body to prepare for the role of God of Creation, he has become bitter and nigh-faithless in the creations which the very first to call himself God created.

Elohim has lived for far longer any mortal could fathom, and with the wisdom passed down through the millennia by the God's before Elohim and the naivety of youth, he took his place behind the reigns of the universe. Time proved to be the only thing to bend his view on all life. His sense of honor, pride and duty all turned stale while the voices of his followers fell on deaf ears. Elohim still holds a certain love for those below him on the Earth and planets like it that can hold life, but the miracles that prior Gods have blessed mortals with have ceased. The kindness and mercy given to mortals on the regular hardships of life have been stripped away from God, as he watches atop his imaginary golden throne built on the values of old. His hope keeps his heart strings warm enough to eventually feel all the glory and pride of his job when he was a younger entity, but cold enough to endure the disappointment of his vast herd - to not be so hurt when they are slaughtered by the world of the Roaring Lion. He simply waits there, watching, for the chance to rekindle the love and respect of his herd should the right scenario show itself with some kind of insane miracle that could only be categorized as an Act of God.
In the end, Elohim remains an ever hopeful old fool, unable to ever truly leave them to suffer their ultimate suicide or destruction by any force of natural or supernatural origin.

History Summary:
Unlike the beliefs of most in the Living Realm whom worship a variety of different Gods and Goddesses, in the After Life there are rankings that beings called Kaios take after preparation of a certain amount of time. Elohim is but one of the victims of the false propaganda surrounding the highest rank among the kai people - the role of the "Almighty".
He took the role as one of the kaios whom excelled in all matters, be it in their studies or physical attributes. He was a perfect candidate the further he was pushed and tested by the Elder Kaios. Through all the controversy given to him about the role to test his mind and breaking point, he passed his several decade long interview for the job. It was finally until the knowledge gathered by the uncountable amount of previous Almighty's was passed on into his mind that his doubts began to take form, and several decades until those doubts became reality itself. The weight, the disappointment, the pain of bearing the title and looking after the lesser beings of the universe took it's toll on Elohim's mind and heart - wearing it down into a far more watered and mellow state than what it was when he had been first tricked into the job. The only good that had escaped the Pandora's Box was hope.

An unyielding amount of hope that could only come from the genuine love Elohim had originally felt for mortals and the job he had accepted.

Rank Applying For:
Character Goals With Rank:

  • Father the universe and cradle it with a hidden love unbeknownst to most in the Living Realm.
  • Be a Leader for the weaker links in his flock.                                          
  • Eventually cure the disease of unfaithfulness in the mortal realm.                      


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