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Blizz's Changelling Lord Application[Accepted]

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Blizz's Changelling Lord Application[Accepted]

Post by IceHaunt on Fri Aug 26, 2016 6:43 pm

Byond Key -

Character Name -

Race -

Class -

Planet -

Personality summary -
Blizz hides her true intents and personality behind a veil of good manners and superiority, which often comes out as denying to fight a lowly opponent, reserving such a dirty job for her minions and making a rule out of not getting involved personally unless the situation calls for it.

Despite this, should she infact get angered or consider her target to be actually worth her time, she disregards her act, revealing to enjoy destroying her opponents and revelling in her own sadism.

A trait shared in both stances of her personality, however, is her pride in the changelling race and disgust for anything below her own power, refusing to lose to a race she deems inferior. Even those in her army don't escape from her judgement, although this does lead to a hidden admiration of anyone able to evenly match her.

She is extremely machiavellic in her ways, elevating the ends above the means, uncaringly using those who she can to expand her empire and remain in power.

History summary -
Blizz was originally one of the three possible heirs to her father's empire, which was still arising by the time she took over. Although she was not the eldest among her siblings, she quickly worked her way to take them off the scene, eliminating them as to guarantee the throne for herself. Her relation with her father, Avalanche, was affectionate enough to hold back her hunger for power, only assuming control of the World Trade Organization once he passed away from natural causes.

Since then, the changelling became extremely vain, seeking only to bring glory to her bloodline. Shortly after her father's death, she began rapidly expanding the organization by expanding the mercenary corps, seeking out strong fighters personally while leaving the fighting for them to do. Having heard rumours of a powerful enchantress hiding away in a planet characterized by its low power levels, so low infact that she never bothered to seek it out. Boarding her ship alone, she departs to Earth, not with the intent of fighting or conquering it, but rather investigating the rumours about this enchantress.

Rank applying for -
Changelling Lord

Character goals with rank -
1. Investigate Earth for an enchantress, prompting them to join her army.
2. Expand her already considerable galactic holdings, bringing fortune to the corporation.
3. Eliminate any resistance currently present on the sector.
4. Recruit any considerably powerful and willing minion, creating a special force of skilled individuals to carry out missions and serve as her bodyguards.


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