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Vegeta leader (King of Vegeta) Application. Ryuzaki4Days[Accepted]

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Vegeta leader (King of Vegeta) Application. Ryuzaki4Days[Accepted]

Post by Ryuzaki4dayz on Wed Aug 31, 2016 11:07 am

Byond Key: Ryuzaki4Days

Character Name: Kail

Race: Saiyan

Class: Low

Planet: Vegeta

Personality summary: Cold, calculated and meticulous. Kail is a tactical Saiyan, and a proud one. He also has a lust for power so strong that it has pushed him to borderline insanity. Be it physical or political power he demands the fear and respect of his peers, seeing himself superior to most Saiyans and almost everything outside of their race. However, he can also be quite relaxed at times as he was when meeting the Omnigod, his relaxation seeming to be more interesting to him than the universe ruling deity that lay before him.

History summary: Kail grew up in a small village in the Eastern Badlands of planet Vegeta. A low class by birth he grew up constantly training to fight, ready for the day he'd leave his village and find his own way in the world.
When he did eventually leave he challenged the chief of his village to a fight to the death simply to assert his dominance. A fight he easily won.
However, upon leaving his village Kail realized Vegeta was barren, that most of the civilized Saiyans had left and that no form of rule was in place. With that in mind he too left the barren planet, heading to Earth in an attempt to round up the Saiyans that had abandoned his homeworld in an attempt to restore Vegeta to its former glory, a glory that he would oversee as their rightful king. With no opposition to oppose him, Kail had practically claimed the planet on sight, even (rather cockily) regarding himself as the King of Vegeta to the Omnigod upon their meeting on Planet Earth, after the deity had told his story and the story of his loyal followers (Followers who Kail was already mentally challenging.) This lead to him learning of resurrection and furthering him to not only become the rightful ruler of Vegeta (An obscenity for a low-class in itself) but the strongest being in the universe so he could himself take the Omnigod's place.

Rank applying for: Vegeta Leader (King of Vegeta)

Character goals with rank: Uniting the Saiyans and Half-Saiyans under one common ruler, allowing them strength in numbers before expanding to form a valid Saiyan empire throughout the universe, the added skills of Vegeta leader would also allow for the direct challenge of some of the stronger beings in the universe as well as further Kail's goals.
A secondary goal would be an official Vegetian hierarchy, complete with at least one military general, construction of an actual city on Vegeta and for the Saiyan race to become a fun and RP-Friendly race for potential new comers (And current players) to join.
ICly however, the character's main goal is dominance, to control a vast part of the universe and to be acknowledge as the rightful ruler of planet Vegeta and its surrounding planets (at least.)
OOCly, I intend on bringing a fresh, exciting new villain to the mix who's unpredictability and ruthlessness will challenge those who chose the path of good/protagonistic roles so they may feel the pressure for their characters. Making those who fight for the side of good fear for their lives and their friends lives even more than they have already.


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