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Earl Zeta - The Vampire Lord[EC-Accepted]

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Earl Zeta - The Vampire Lord[EC-Accepted]

Post by The Yoker on Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:09 am

"There is no need for violence, I've already got that covered."

Earl Zeta

The Yoker


Durendal at his side and a shield covered in moss and blood with the other, the crimson eyed freak feeds upon those who are foolish enough to walk into his domain. The sixteen-year old looking monstrosity has pale skin as if paper and marks all over his body, it seems his posture is but lacking energy, seemingly the isolation got to him.

Personality Traits:
Suicidal, cynical, chaotic, monotone, sadistic, masochistic, relentless, fearless.

Zora was born two hundred and fifteen years ago and got into an accident of large proportions which rendered him unable to walk ever again. When he had gathered the dragonballs of an unknown planet with the support of his family he'd wish for immortality. Little did he know that this added a twist. Cursed forever to live in the darkness, he'd wander the earth in agonizing isolation. Something that he never experienced was this pain, beyond the pain of the accident that he had to endure. But with great pain comes a great reward, some may say. In return from the curse that he'd endure was given a power beyond recognition of the human nature. Throughout these two hundred years of being a vampire he'd turn insane due to isolation, before finally losing the last fragment, becoming suicidal in his attempt. And since the Omnigod's rumor was set free, he'd finally head outside after so many years of isolation to find death itself in order to escape from the reality that had captured him in its web.

Today he rules in his castle as the earl, and lives from the blood of mankind, increasing his power every time he feasts upon his poor victims. A blade from legends, known as the Durendal, was forged from the bloodlust of the monstrosity that was his curse. And the rest is ancient history.

- To find death itself.
- To be defeated once.
- To break the spirit.

- Capable of consuming life energy from his surroundings.
- To turn humans into impure abominations when dead, vampires.
- Obtain supernatural powers from the blood of any race.

Many resources, you decide how many exactly as well as the legendary blade Durendal.

The Yoker

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