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Rank of Kaioshin App[Denied]

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Rank of Kaioshin App[Denied]

Post by Silverius on Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:53 am

Byond Key: Silverius82

Character Name: Arsemra

Race: Half-Demon (Half-Omnigod ICly)

Class: Lust

Planet: Earth

Notes: I've retired and deleted Zaria, so she is no longer Icer Skill Master

Personality summary: Arra was born her persona split into three different 'selves' or fragments - each fragment is a version of herself and kow exactly what's going on with the other fragments. First, there is the dispassionate watcher which tends towards the personality that a kaio or kaioshin would have; watching over the lands of the realm yet with only compassion and order forthright in her mind. She remains serene and calm at most times. amd exudes an aura that camn calm even those who have been whipped up into a rage or so it says. The second fragment is her true self, and is usually nly seen around friends, family, and lovers. She is warm and caring, outgoing and easily makes friends. She has some of the usual mental behavior of a Kitsune Youkai, being highly intelligent though not particularly wise. Finally, there is the Schemer, some fragment of her father's own personality and thispart of Arra always has some dark plan in the words, hidden deep beneath the other layers. Some times, Arra herself doesn't even know if she has a plan in the works or prepared.

History summary: Born as the spawn of the Omnigod Elocente; father of creation and the Kitsune, Luna; greatest enchantress of the land, Lucent and Arsemra (or, as she calls herself, Arra) were born destined for greatness beyond the scope of the mortal realm, though her brother and herself seemed to inherit opposing sides - not just with the gene pool but with the nature of their very being. Whereas Lucent more closely resembles their father, Arra more closely resembles her mother - and while Lucent walks a path closer to the demon ancestry it is Arra who walks closer to the path of kaio ancestry. As such, she has put herself into the role of a guardian, much like a kaio would, and now that her father has left the realm, seeks to harken to the ultimate protector role - Kaioshin, the gran manipulator of the life-stream and the afterlife. She seeks to follow after both of her parents' footsteps in her own way, as well.

Rank applying for: Kaioshin

Character goals with rank: I wish to bring back balance and order to the universe, though unlike the previous Kaioshin, I will not take such a major role in the affairs of mortals but rather will focus on the afterlife and the harvesting of souls. Of course i'll still perform my duties as a Kaioshin should they be needed, but my focus won't be so highly on mortal affairs.

RP Example:

*Arsemra perked her head into the door of Serena's house when she heard the sounds of bottles, papers, and ingredients going every-which direction and enshrouding the inside with a layer of filth, the young half-god concerned for the well-being of her aunt Serena ofcourse, but moreso concerned for Serena's mental and emotional state. She earnestly didn't want to see Serena harm herself or in such an emotional slump and so she had arrived only after Luna appeared within the house, stepped through some form of dimensional rift. The daughter of the kitsuna looked to the melancholy on her mother's face and then to Serena, decidedly remaining in the backdrop for the moment, however thoughts began to course through her head.

There were a few things that would need to be done to reverse the damage done by recent events to Serena's manubrium, and Arra knew as much, Sghe was brave and prepared to take what steps were deemed neccisary, however. At the moment though, she felt like it best to allow luna her time with Serena. While Arra was determined, she knew that Serena's bond with Luna was deeper than their own. Reaching around with a concise action, Arra remove the scythe of Elocente from her back and pressed it down until it was a small rod of sagey mahogany, then pointed towards egress and began to form runes in the air, before every which docent, ingredient, bottle, and other miscellaneus item returned to it's proper position and mess was cleaned.*


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