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CL APP! Praise my friends.[Revoked]

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CL APP! Praise my friends.[Revoked]

Post by Sithis on Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:40 pm

Byond Key:

Character Name: Commander Chillizard Frostbane

Race: Changeling

Class: Cooler

Planet: Icer

Personality summary: Cold, Bipolar, Short Temper, Childish, Kid Like, God Complex.

History summary:
Was born Eight Hundred years ago and was born into the Royal Frostbane Family. His goals is to wipe out the Universe and take  over it as the one true Ruler of the World.
Rank applying for: CL

Character goals with rank: Step One, Travel from planet to plane gathering an army for the Planet Trade Organization, Step Two, Train them, Step three, Send them on missions, Step four, Actually invade and provide major conflict battles throughout the world. If my character does? he dies, my character is meant to provide rp. So I if I am giving this rank. I understand at any given time due to my character being evil. he can die.


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