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RANK APP:Earth Guardian[Denied]

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RANK APP:Earth Guardian[Denied]

Post by Omtatsat on Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:27 pm

Byond Key:Omtatsat

Character Name:

Race: Youkai

Class: Kitsune

Planet: Earth

Personality summary: Cold and emotionless on the outside but soft on the inside.Altho she wont show it she cares a lot for everyone,not just her sisters.Also has a playfull side and likes to spy as well as toy with people for a good laugh.

History summary:Her mother died giving birth to her and her twin sister,from that point on the only mother figure for her was her only older sister who took care of them.

From a young age she dabbled in magic,finding it easiest to manipulate water.Constantly competing with her older sister in terms of knowledge and ability.

Recently she has been working on an inter planetary portal with her two sisters.

Rank applying for:Earth Guardian

Character goals with rank:First create a tower from which to observe the entire planet.Second find a suatable assistant if no one applies.Third create the dragon balls and hold a tournament for everyone on Earth,the winner of which will be trained by her.And ofcourse defend the planet from any dangers that might arise.I will probably think of more things as time passes aswell.

I understand that becouse of the rank I am very likely do die and that does not bother me.I am here to have fun and contribute with RP.


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