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Rank App: Kento Kido[Accepted]

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Rank App: Kento Kido[Accepted]

Post by Kento Kido on Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:02 pm

Byond Key: Kento Kido

Character Name:Serena

Race: Yokai

Class: Kitsune

Planet: Earth

Personality summary: Generally nice person, but is rather hot headed. Very hard to calm down after she gets going and extremely defensive of family.

History summary: A well known enchantress that has lived in the forest alone for a few decades of her life, researching magic and training herself to fight. She is the oldest of three sisters and a brother and is the best fighter of the bunch. She had defeated the giant dragon lord that was hidden deep in the caves hidden by a forest, though badly burning her right leg in the process.

Rank applying for: Turtle hermit (preferably) or crane, whichever you think would fit more.

Character goals with rank: to find a student to teach and to keep her family safe.
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