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Rank Application: Icer Skill Master[Accepted]

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Rank Application: Icer Skill Master[Accepted]

Post by Silverius on Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:32 pm

Byond Key: Hayabusa Knight

Character Name: Zaria

Race: Changeling

Class: Cooler

Planet: Earth (For now)

Wipe Plans: To find a changeling pupil and take them under my wing so that I can teach them what I have, and to serve as Blizz's commander.

Personality Summary: Born to the supreme leader of the changeling people, much was expected from Zaria at birth and beyond but rather than cracking under the pressure of high responsibilities and impossible expectations placed upon her, and from the egg was already a mighty force to be reckoned with. Thanks to her amazing power even from birth, Zaria developed a superiority complex which normally was quite minor, but when others belittled her, it would become a major problem. Unlike some changelings, while she is very proud, she is also more sociable and outgoing. Whereas her mother considered one 'Monkey', she considers 'Friend'. She can see opportunity rather than ostracize, and this is what makes her such a great commander.

Roleplay Example:

It was sunrise on the horizon, silky plumes of crimson wafting from the beautiful dathomiri woman's head as a pair of intelligent green irises peered across the field, the white robes fitting around her tightly as she looked on with a tactical wit. The woman was already planning out the concourse of her battle, happening to count the forces which she had at her ready and those which the scouts counted in the opposition. Then they were, gleaming black hull of the hovertanks as they released their payloads into the surrounding shield. Raising her arm, Fen roared loudly, "Attack! We must defend the Enclave with our lives!"

With that, four automated turrets began to return fire as black-hued soldiers and the white republican justicars broke into blaster-fire. The resulting chaos was a mess, however it was about to get even more terrifying as the dark jedi soon joined afield. Gathering energy into her hand, the woman quickly bound and leapt onto the battlefield with a single stride, targeting the fore-most tank and releasing the gathered energy into a burst of force which crumpled the steel like a sardine. Fen quickly shifted her attention towards the two who were charging her, a black-clad woman and male. Flicking her saber on as she called it to her hand through the force, Fen ignited the violet beam as she rushed forwards in force-imbued speed as she intended to cut off the enemy before they could regroup with their troops.

Fen's saber whirled around as she bounded, cutting through the male's back and sending him sideways before the woman brought her red blade to block. The woman was deft with her blade, yet was no match for Fen's Ataru as she was already on the move to flank the girl. With a quick loop, Fen brought her saber about in a windmill, cutting at the meeting of shoulder and arm to sever the woman's arm. She quickly brought her saber down, destroying the woman's saber with a quick swipe.


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