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App for Demon lord[Denied]

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App for Demon lord[Denied]

Post by UMadOrNah on Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:18 pm

Apping for: Demon lord

<<< Topic for lssj: You're absolutely legendary when it comes to, pretty much everything. While traveling the universe, you land on a green planet, mostly water, and weak beings. you could easily slaughter any of them with as little effort as possible. Walking through a city park on this planet, you observe a group of the weak beings bouncing a ball back and forth across a field with a hoop on either side. After watching for a few minutes and getting a understanding of the game , you decide to join in. rp keeping your legendary status and beating them at their own game, basketball.

She was a god. . . She was feared throughout the universe, she had beaten EVERYONE, at EVERYTHING. People invented things specifically made for her to fail at, and she never did. She had never lost -- Ever. It had actually gotten quite BORING. Anger flooding her body, she mashed random buttons on her space pod, and then slumped into the seat. Soon sighing as she drifted off into slumber. What felt like a few moments later, she was awoken by a loud crashing sound. To which she blearily opened her eyes, glancing around her now ruined pod.

It seemed she had forgotten to activate the safe landing features.


Grumbling, she punched the side of the pod clear off, hovering above it and glaring at the now useless object. She tossed a weak ki blast at the device, destroying it instantly. The loud explosion seemed to not draw any attention by the locals, as there... weren't any, at least, not around her. That was odd, her power usually drew people to her quickly.. had she landed on an abandoned planet, or something?

No... she COULD sense some power levels, although, they were nothing compared to her, even when she was as powered down as she could physically be. Rubbing her forehead in irritation, she began the long trek towards the energy signatures. A few days later, she had stumbled into what seemed to be a gathering of some sort, there was a lot of shouting, which she thought was because of her dazzling power level.. but -- no, it appeared they were playing some form of game.

A game she had never seen before.


She felt her anger explode, and her hair begin to stick up; her eyes turning a blank white as her rage overtook her mind. She then destroyed the entire city. . . Oops. She stared at the remnants of the city, and one thing caught her eye. An odd, orange ball was sitting in the rubble, apparently completely unharmed by her destruction. She stared at it for a moment, before picking it up and tossing it at the rubble of a building.

It bounced back.

She squinted at it before shrugging, sending a ki blast to the odd object before walking off, searching for more energy signatures. . . And people playing that game, she NEEDED to prove she was the best at this, too! Her journey didn't get off to a very good start. . . Sure, she could sense energy signatures. . . but they were so below her own -- That she had no fucking clue where they WERE. Grumbling, she pushed off of the ground, and took flight around the odd planet.

A few hours later, she happened upon what appeared to be another city . . . and the same game as earlier.

Keeping her calm a tad bit better this time, she sat on the nearby bench, and observed the odd green people playing their game. Or. . . That is what she would've done, had the bench been able to support the measly power she exhibited by sitting on it. No, instead the bench collapsed on her side, sending the green person on the other side of the bench sailing through the sky, landing in a tree with a loud thunk.

The players of the game -- Seemingly ignoring the little incident, were not interrupted in any way by what had just happened. Everyone keeping their eye on the odd orange ball. She observed the game for a few minutes, and everything confused her greatly. It appeared that they had to constantly keep the ball bouncing, or else they weren't allowed to move with it. . . For some odd reason. This was truly a one of it's kind game.

And she was going to crush them at it.

Her decision made, she walked up to the group of people, picking one of them up by their antenna and hurling them across the city, her gaze following him until he crashed into a building, shattering it on impact. She turned her gaze back to the odd green creatures, staring at them with a blank expression on their face. After a few seconds, they seemed to shrug, and one of them tossed the ball towards her. "You play ball?" they asked.

"Ball?...I'm the best at ball."

She'd respond with a display of an egotistical grin on her face, the azure hues of her eyes fixated upon the beings which ostensibly challenged her to this peculiar game. She intended to make this game as difficult as she could for herself, just so she could portray her superiority to these feeble beings. She forced them to organize a team which would compete against her, a simple 4 on 1. Seemingly preparing on the court, she had acquired the left side while they were taking control of the right. A few bystanders had approached, desiring to witness the female dominate these fools.

Cracking her neck, she glared at her adversaries with utmost savagery. She was going to break some ankles today. Within mere seconds, a whistle had been blown and the game was initiated. It seemed she was given the ball first, had they mistook her for a measly weakling? She was going to show them the mistake they had made today. While she steadily bounced the ball akin to the way that she observed earlier, the first of the green idiots approaching her proximity. This was what she deemed as her first victim, smirking as he got closer. Once he actually got within a close radius, his intentions became apparent. The fool was trying to reach for the ball! His arm had elongated, his facial expression showing how eager he was to steal the object from her.

"Don't reach, bitch."

Those words were murmured under her breath in a wicked tone, a malicious look painted across her face. Once his repulsive hand had even made contact with the ball she was bouncing, both her and the ball had vanished and reappeared ahead of him, letting him collapse in disbelief and hitting the floor with a tremendous thud! That left the opposition with three more players who had the slightest chance of stopping her. They had shifted from offensive mode to defensive mode, both astonished and fearing her skill. It was time for her plan to transpire, and it was to barrel through time like they were pins to a bowling ball.

With apace, she hastily charged towards every individual person mercilessly. Upon making contact with them, they were blasted into the troposphere of the planet by her sheer power. Now, no one was on the court but her and the fallen green person. The hoop was in sight as she didn't cease her charge, hopping into the air. The heights she had attained were phenomenal, looking down at the hoop from above. Holding back no punches, the female ferociously slammed the ball into the hoop with gargantuan vigor! The ball impetuously drilled through the hoop, then through the court. It produced abysmal hole below the hole in the hoop, due to the strength that she had utilized in the dunk. It was obvious that she had prevailed, assuming victory as the green people fell from the troposphere and onto the damaged court.


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