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Lucente | Supreme Demon Lord[Accepted]

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Lucente | Supreme Demon Lord[Accepted]

Post by The Yoker on Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:56 am

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Personality summary:
Lucente, as he is now, is grumpy and dominant. No words can affect him unless they speak against his authority, which is obstinately the greatest in Hell. Lust is his vice, and thus he's an infamously perverted person. When in contact, you can see him smelling the air almost vacuously like it's instinct, like a feral animal searching for someone to mate with.

Desires do get in his way, and no one is more tyrannical than the man. If someone were to speak against him, they would be lynched on the spot to be made an example of. If someone were to even remotely touch him or enter into his domain without his permission, they'd be tortured until their vocal cords give up on the screaming.

And just like that, it is explained how he's also a sadist as well as a masochist. The Demon's interests would be classical music, torture, experiments, as well as dancing. Lucente can be both romantic as well as absolutely insane in any encounter, depending on what's required to achieve his goals. For if he lied to himself, he'd believe it without question.

History summary:
Born from the sin of lust, all that he had been granted was a corrupted mind. Nothing was given to him on a silver platter, but all would be given to him no matter what was necessary. Love, an addiction most humans would agree is more intoxicating than any alcohol or drug on earth, was his greatest desire.

No woman could grant it permanently however.

Bitter, he'd stop in his tracks and remind himself that all was already granted to him. And if life was not going to grant it to him on a silver platter, he'd take it for himself regardless. Every single soul, savored and served, would one day be in his possession. That was the purpose of his search for the perfect being to enjoy up to the last moment in existence.

Likely, no one would willingly come over to his side, and so temptation was his greatest weapon. One could only explain his body, voice and eyes in a singular word. Perfection. An incubus, the being wouldn't stop until his wish would be granted, and there he fell to his own vice, forgetting his initial goal. And thus he became a true demon.

That was but the start for the primal embodiment of lust. An undefined amount of years had passed, but his search didn't stop, his methods falling deeper into corruption each year. For who said there is a limit to evil? Not even god knows the limit of true evil, the shackles that were bound to the good did not limit the evil.

Over the years, counting over a million demons enslaved, one desired the dominance over all of Hell. Crowning himself like a proper tyrant would, the man known as Lucente would never be called by his name anymore. From now on they would call him Lord. All else is history, and the future is filled with chaos.

Rank applying for:
Supreme Daimou

Character goals with rank:
- Assemble an army of slaves.
- Invade the mortal world, cosmos.
- Surround the afterlife in chaos.
- Bring immoral peril upon all living and dead.

The Yoker

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Re: Lucente | Supreme Demon Lord[Accepted]

Post by Omtatsat on Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:10 pm

My opinion doesn't matter if you get approved or denied but I like it a lot.


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